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Altra Footwear One 2.5 Running Sneakers Women's Blue

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  • Model [Sneakers:770275-RVU]
    Altra Footwear One 2.5 Running Sneakers Women's Blue
    Introducing The One 2.5--a fast, do-it-all performance shoe with an incredible cushion-to-weight ratio. From a casual seven-mile run to a full marathon, this shoe delivers comfortable, stable performance. The ultra light InnerFlex™ midsole provides impressive lightweight flexibility. The weight balanced, Zero Drop™ platform helps you maintain low-impact form, even when fatigue sets in at the end of a hard race or workout. The One 2.5 focuses on improving your form and reducing pressure on your feet allowing you to run fast and go hard. WHAT'S NEW: Redesigned Upper, New Color Options, Added Toe Height to Last. Ideal Uses: Running, Road Racing, Speed Work Designed to Improve: Running Form, Toe Splay, Stability, Push-off, Comfort.